Serbian Nature Photography

Nature Photographers Group - Egretta was founded in December of 2003. Group members, Sándor Lukács, Attila Lukács, and Zsolt Lukács are all professional photographers and nature lovers

The association’s goal is to promote nature photography, presentation and protection of natural treasures of Vojvodina - Serbia.

Group members, with their photographic and film work, are trying to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment.

We are working with Nikon dslr camera bodies with wide range of lenses, from 10 mm up to 600 mm. We use Gitzo, Manfrotto and Velbon tripods.

Our photos were created solely in the field. No filters were used and no computer manipulation was utilized.

We would be very happy to have your comments, questions or views, so feel free to contact us.